Summer at the Center: Squirrel Nut Zippers

In the city of Arvada, there are many things that appear when the summer season rolls in. The days are longer, the cravings for ice cream grows and there always seems to be a tune traveling along with the warm breeze. But where is the source of such a tune? 

The source is none other than The Summer at the Center concert series at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. With performances beginning June 7th, this series brings musicians and performers alike to its outdoor amphitheater. With both covered and lawn seating, locals can take in the great weather and enjoy the talent both at local and national levels.

Opening for the main event is a Denver based band known as La Pompe Jazz. Their exploration of gypsy jazz is tasteful and immersive, giving the Summer Concert Series a taste of its local music scene as well as impart on its audience members what kind of intricate music they will be hearing throughout the night. For those who aren’t aware and wish to have a better idea of the genre. Gypsy Jazz or gypsy swing is swing music of the 1930’s era, with the use of instruments such as the guitar and violin. Unlike American Jazz, Gypsy Jazz has European roots, resulting in the lack of the familiar beat of the drums. 

La Pompe Jazz’s roots as one of the most popular swing bands in the area make them a perfect fit to open the series. Their appreciation for the area and local audience adds a more close to home feel before giving way to the band next in the lineup. 

The first band that will take the stage is none other than Squirrel Nut Zippers, (I know! What a name!) This American jazz band has toured the nation on and off since its formation in 1993. With their toe-tapping delta blues, gypsy jazz and 1930s era swing, who knows how many people will be unable to resist the urge to start dancing along. 

The band formed in the town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina as a means of escape during the 90s modern rock era. Their music holding elements of both old and new, classic and modern, developing a relatable and heartfelt sound to many.

What this group brings to the Arvada Center is an energy that breathes life into the freedom of summer. While traveling the last two years, this group has worked on their music by feeding off of the very audiences they play for. Which in turn pays off and draws in people of all backgrounds and ways of life. Squirrel Nut Zippers is a band that I am very excited to see. Upon hearing their music, such as their hit single, “Hell” and their latest album that came about once the band had been revived, “Beasts Of Burgundy” They seem to cast a spell over its listeners, igniting an infection sound that is pleasing to the ear. 

With two amazing bands kicking off this series, the Arvada Center's atmosphere will carry a tune with such diversity and swing that it will not be ignored. As Squirrel Nut Zipper’s founder, Jimbo states, “Let the Music Lead,” 

Squirrel Nut Zippers launch of the Summer at the Center Concert Series. Other concerts include: 3rd Law Dance/Theater presenting Lost in Space on June 9th

 Denver Brass with 17th Avenue Allstars on July 15th,

Wicked Divas with the Colorado Symphony on July 28th 

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