All My Sons

Arthur Miller is without a doubt one of the most well known, and celebrated American playwrights. His plays are thought provoking, revealing intimate and powerful messages about the human condition, and our actions. With this being said, we step into the third and finally play within the Arvada Center’s Black Box Repertory Season, All My Sons

While many of the Arvada Center’s productions this season have been a mix of comedy, and mythical realism I find that this is the beat all production. Miller in my mind is very hard to put on, as his work comes with a lot of expectations and high regards. Yet I find this to be a show that is perfectly placed in the finally play slot. These actors have really proven their professionalism and talent time and time again to my utter delight. The thought of them portraying Miller’s work gives me chills after seeing what all they can do. 

Arthur Miller’s first success, was All My Sons; should this play have failed he would have looked to another field of profession and that to me says it all. How much heart can go into a playwrights first successful work? How much desperation and emotion is left within its dialogue and characters? These questions can be linked to the repertory actors as well. This is their final play to be opened for the season at the Arvada Center. Will they go all out? What story do they have left to tell? How much will be left on that stage once the lights go out? Quiet honestly, I cannot wait to see. 

We see All My Sons, on Friday, March 2nd, at 7:30