A New York Minute

Run for the Train, it’s a quarter to 2

Recently I had the pleasure to go to New York City to attend Photo Plus Expo, and have the fun of a vacation along with it. While packing I had brought with me two digital SLR cameras: The Sony A7Riii with the 16-35 f/4, and my newly acquired Fujifilm X-T2 with the 16-35 f/2.8. 

I chose to bring these two as one was my go to camera, the Sony, and one was brand new that I wanted to give a test run. So first off, I decided the Sony would only come out while I was at the Statue of Liberty, the Sony was recognizable, and significantly heavier than the Fuji. I even though that I would enjoy the focal length I brought and would most likely use the Fuji as a proxy for my film cameras which stayed home.

Yet when we got there I took the Fuji out the very first day, it was light and I wanted to bring the camera with to the Expo. I needed an eyecup and a screen protector, I thought maybe I’d find something. 

Now when I travel I have a significantly hard time getting into the groove of Photography, I’m mainly tired, hungry, and getting my bearings before I’m willing to get creative. When I carried the Fuji, because of it’s familiar manual style dials, it was easy to start shooting. Couple days through the trip, it had become my primary shooter.

The color, the dials, the ease of use, it actually felt like I was using the camera and me not having the camera use me. By that I mean I was actually setting exposures instead of relying on Auto to get me through a trip. Yes that means I had less photos but I at least had ones I was willing to go back and look at time and time again. Some of them I know I will even get printed in large formats. 

Maybe that’s why I loved the Fuji so much in New York, it made me feel creative, cultivate it and aid me in enjoying the experience. When I use the Sony it felt very calculated and the camera at times felt much more technological then I could handle. Doesn’t mean I hate the camera, means that I am still on a journey to learn how to use that camera in my style.

The Fujifilm however, is firmly in the lead, and I truly loved carrying it with me everyday in a city that is always willing to give you a good shot. Below are some examples of what I got with the Fujifilm X-T2 and the 16-55 f/2.8

More photos here

PSA: The Fujifilm is completely water resistant, it went through a full day drizzle with no cover just fine, the lens is one of Fuji’s WR lenses so it is sealed for weather.