RENT 20th Anniversary Tour

  Because everything is RENT

 You know I can remember the first time I saw the musical Rent….Well the movie version that is… I was about 14 and had bought the dvd from an old video store in the mall. My dad was with me and thought nothing of it as I paid for the newest musical in my collection. What happens next will forever remain one of the funniest moments in my life, That being my little brother having to watch Rent with me on our way home. Let’s just say his face was priceless. 

    With that aside it is kinda sad to know I have never really seen a live production of Rent.  The opportunity just never presented itself with where I was currently living and by then I believe that touring company had come to an end. Now I wonder how I will react when seeing the 20th anniversary tour. Rent was something that I always had to be in the mood for to watch. In other words I had to be ready to feel extremely sad after sitting through it. Its premise surrounding eight friends living in New York City during the Aids epidemic can make a person feel that way. I think that’s also why I haven’t watched it in a while. The show is very heavy and while the music can be upbeat from time to time, with songs that still get stuck in my head, it can also be very emotional. But with what this show did for musical theatre I am very interested to see it. This time from what its creator envisioned instead of the film. 

    I see Rent on November 14th at 7:30, at the Buell Theatre.