Demon House


This Film Is Cursed.

This Film Is A Documentary.

Be wary of watching this film in the dark, Demon House, from the host of Ghost Adventures, surrounds a truly cursed house in Gary, Indiana. If anyone is familiar with the Ghost Adventures crew and show, the documentary plays out very similarly to the show. The takes and cinematography reflect the insights of the show and the re-enactments can easily frighten. Zak Bagans, the host, is an eloquent narrator and main focus throughout the film- he is the control subject in a rather intense experiment. He puts himself into environments that the family was in and slowly tries to discern what factual evidence he can collect. This puts this documentary firmly in the grips of reality by checking all factors of environmental interference. He is in this to either debunk or learn more- Demon House definitely delivers. From using high tech science equipment to measure electromagnetic fields from the earth, to a home inspection Bagans does it all. Straight off the bat he wants you to know exactly what you are in store for, and that he does not wish to fool anyone.  

Throughout my sitting of this I kept an open mind, naturally I'm in the middle of believing and being a skeptic about it all. However in this "dimension" of filming you have to wonder occasionally if it is the dramatics of filmmaking or the trauma of the people involved that really gets you. There are a lot of indicators that this could easily be classified as a "horror" film; slight tension, scary monsters, and an exorcism. In Demon House it becomes clear quickly that you are in the middle of an investigation rather than a plot driven story. The interviews are real, the people are real, and most importantly the evidence becomes increasingly real. The one negative I found is the additive of Hollywood into the story. The minuscule amount of information the audience gathers is that Hollywood wants the story, and the family is willing to deliver. This one dark splotch on the film is irritating, I was glad that Bagans' shows this as it proves his viewpoint and the films intention. By doing this you truly grasp as to how the film is going to proceed, and it quickly escalates for the crew and the audience in the best way.

If you are familiar with Ghost Adventures then you know Bagans and his crew find a way to truly set themselves apart in this scenario by investigating, not just filming. When Bagans finally finds himself in the house alone, you are sole witness to the examples of what this house can shell out. Adding the multiple witnesses previously seen within the film, Demon House elevates itself to a horror story in the form of a documentary. These people truly saw what they did and there is no convincing them otherwise. 

My own view of the film is still in the land of the "in between". I've had my own rather strange experiences and the person I was watching this with certainly freaked out for the next couple of days. Still the quality of film making and investigating gives Demon House a rightful spot as a horror film. Still more on the suspenseful aspect of it all, the film truly is cursed, it only makes you want to know more about what Bagans and his team do.