Samantha Koch: Photographer, Photo Magician, Film Obsessor

Samantha graduated from the University of Minnesota in the Winter of 2015 with a degree in Cinema and Media Production. She also minored in Photography and currently loves to run around Denver taking photographs and seeing as many movies as she can. Her homestead is the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, even though her heart is set for a bigger apple. Her favorite movies include Jurassic World, Miss Sloane, Wonder Woman, and anything with a good plot.

Emilee Hatfield: Theatre Critic, Word Surgeon, Theatrical Inquisitor

Currently a student at Metropolitan State University of Denver, she is Majoring in English with a Minor in Theatre. She hails from the smokey mountains of West Virginia; which she turns on and off every night. She races around seeing as much theatre as she can, her favorite shows include The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Wicked, Heathers, and anything that can hold a pitch.

Message from Samantha:

I'm happy to announce that I'm officially on Flickr! You can find me as MsSamanthaRiley! Also if there are any photographs you wish to purchase, please contact me for inquiries. 

Message from Emilee

I'm currently willing to review any theatre production within the Denver Metro Area, please use the form to the right for inquiries. I'd love to come and see your shows!

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